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Outbuildings can provide solutions to a wide range of challenges, all of which we can support and advise on here at Fresh Approach. One of the most popular reasonings behind the development of an outbuilding is to create office space at home, without feeling like you are actually at home. By going to a different building with a specific purpose in order to work, you can create a more effective working environment and a healthier work/life balance. All without taking up valuable space in the house.

Outbuildings can also be built for storage purposes which can be invaluable for gardening machinery, summer furniture and anything else that you don’t want to throw away but also don’t want taking up space inside the house.

In some cases, outbuildings can be designed to create additional living space, potentially for teenagers, elderly family members or anyone who is not yet ready to move out but wants their own space. Regardless of your requirements, the team at Fresh Approach have the skillset, vision and experience to help turn your idea into a reality.

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